Serving Advanced & Effective Clean Room Air Conditioning System, Water Chiller, Cleanroom Air Conditioner, HVAC And Refrigeration Systems Since 1991.

About Us

In the list of best innovations come Refrigeration and HVAC Systems as these create a favorable environment in companies and homes. Regardless of the type of temperature outside the premises, it is these refrigeration and HVAC systems which create suiting environment and make working easy and comfortable. Making these innovative systems for industrial complexes and residential areas using advanced technology is Sheetal Refrigeration.

We are a 1991 born company, serving in the Indian Industry as a manufacturer and trader of a large assortment of HVAC and Refrigeration Systems like Clean Room Air Conditioning System, Cleanroom Air Conditioner, Cold Storage Plant, Industrial Water Chiller, Air Conditioner Dehumidifier, Clean Room Air Conditioning Plant, Air Cooled Screw Chiller, Water ATM Machine and Marine HVAC Systems. We have been using genuine quality industrial components for manufacturing aforesaid range. Being a highly experienced company, we make sure that we well-retain customers by constantly and continually delivering quality, effective and advanced systems in right amount and at right place.

Customization Facility

Customizing or modifying big systems especially HVAC systems is not an easy job. It requires everything, from knowledge, experience, ability to skilled workers and components to customize a mechanism and design it as per the requirements of customers, while keeping in view its basic functioning. At Sheetal Refrigeration with customer requirements satisfying approach, we customize and modify Chillers. The basic working which is removing heat via a vapor or absorption refrigeration cycle from liquid is kept effective, its design can be altered as per customers requirement.

An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

We have a habit of following total quality management and our ISO 9001:2015 certificate shows our dedication towards QMS. ISO certificate is our valuable asset because it hints to customers about the quality we make and serve. We follow all the principles formed by governing authorities to maintain and improve the quality of our offerings. A few of these principles are given below:
  • Continuous improvement in product line which involves products like Air Conditioner Dehumidifier and Water ATM Machine to match global standards
  • Involvement of all our experts in maintaining quality policy
  • Improvement in existing technologies to develop modern systems which consume less space and power.

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